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Ritva's Story!

Over the last 20 years, Ritva has spent countless hours in training transforming herself into the expert she is in the wellness field. Initially she was driven by the goal of finding a way to overcome her own health issues. In the process, she became inspired to help others with their health and life challenges. "I am thankful that I followed my intuition to turn to alternative medicine to improve my health"

"How did my journey start?"

Ritva was born and raised on the west coast of Finland, in a small town called Raahe. "Little did I know then, how lucky I was to have parents that fed me and my two brothers the best possible foods anyone could ask for". Vegetables came from her parents garden, bread was baked fresh by her mother and her father brought home moose meat and fish which were caught in the wild by him. Very few items were bought from the store and therefore they ate very few processed foods. "Every meal that my mom cooked was healthy and delicious. 

Ritva moved to the USA when she was 20 years old. It had been her dream ever since she was 16 years old. "At first it was exciting to eat the huge hoagies and pizza, but not without consequences". A few years later, after indulging on the typical american processed diet, she started to feel more and more fatigued and the weight began to pack on. "I knew something was wrong and went to see a medical doctor" She discovered that she had unknowingly been suffering from Lyme Disease for about 3 years before being diagnosed. At the same time she was also diagnosed with a Hypothyroid condition. At first she relied on antibiotics and followed the typical conventional western medicine path. "The treatment plan helped me with the lyme disease, but still left me feeling miserable and overweight". Ritva became motivated to seek help from alternative sources. With the help of a naturopath doctor and a nutritionist, she was able to get the Hypothyroid condition under control. She started to have more energy and weight loss happened naturally. Ultimately Ritva completely healed her Thyroid by following her Balance Plan. "I truly believe that due to my diet being full of processed foods, my immune system became compromised and was not strong enough to fight the Lyme Disease and the Hypothyroid condition".

"The new healthier me wants to be there for you"

"My Nutritionist was so inspiring that I wanted to become one myself". Ritva became motivated to be trained in the area of nutrition. Through research an opportunity presented itself. "I found a Health Coach certification training that instantly felt right for me" A few months later, after attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, she became a Certified Health Coach.

"Soon after opening my coaching business, I realized that I wanted to expand beyond nutrition coaching. I could become more valuable to my clients by developing a more comprehensive mind and body coaching program." Ritva furthered her education and training and became a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® (TLT) and Hypnosis.

"The nutritionist also introduced me to the IonCleanse® Detox Foot Bath, a full body detox that I fell in love with immediately. I felt more energized and had an overall sense of well-being." Ritva was so impressed with her own results that she wanted to incorporate it into her coaching program. She acquired certification as an IonCleanse® Detox Practitioner and now the foot bath is part of her service offerings as well as her own regular wellness routine. "The more I learn about the effects that toxins have in my body, the more passionate I become to getting rid of them. IonCleanse® is the detox choice for me."  

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Ritva lives in Chadds Ford, PA with her daughter and their two dogs Charlie and Mr. Beans. Through her training she has discovered what is important to her and confidence to follow her dreams. In 2012 she stepped into world of film and television acting as a hobby, something she has dreamed of doing ever since she was a teenager. "I am thankful for my life coaching training, especially the mind and body breakthrough session, it gave me the inner resources to finally take a step to the unknown and become an actress"  while doing the work she loves and producing raw healthy fudge. 

"How does the chocolate fit in, you may ask?"

"One of the huge revelations in my health coach training was how important it is to keep refined sugar to a minimum in my diet and how unprocessed raw chocolate is actually beneficial for me" In addition to coaching and training, Ritva is a RawChocolatier and created her own line of delicious fudge made of all organic ingredients and without refined sugar. "I have completely given up any other sweets. A few pieces of Rawsome Fudge fully satisfies my sweet and chocolate cravings." 

Ritva has this incredible Fudge for sale on the Web Store and selected Health Food Stores. More info at www.rawsomefudge.com.

"I hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey. I look forward to learning about yours."

Rawsome Fudge is
Awesome Fudge!

All the ingredients are certified organic, gluten and GMO free. The “cooking” process never reaches a temperature above 115°F therefore preserving the nutritional value of all the ingredients used to make this incredible fudge.

Just ate a piece of your Original Rawsome Fudge. Had another piece. Now, I think I could've gotten by with just one piece if I'd just waited for it's effect. Mood feels elevated. Thinking a little bit more clearly during these trying times. Appreciate the lack of sugar. Will look into buying another container at Kimberton Whole Foods from now on--to keep on hand for medicinal purposes. Thank you for this product.

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