About Ritva


Ritva A. Dale serves as founder, coach, and trainer of Eye on Wellness in Chadds Ford and West Chester, PA. 

Ritva is a strong and determined individual who has spent countless hours in training to transform herself to be an expert in the wellness field. She was driven by a goal to find a way to overcome her health issues and in the process she was inspired to help others with their health and life challenges.  

Growing up in Finland, a healthy diet was implemented at a young age. It mainly consisted of vegetables from the family garden along with fish and meat that was freshly caught by her father. Processed foods and sweets were rare treats.

latest_from_camera_222.jpgAfter moving from Finland to the USA, she developed less healthy eating habits, aquired Lyme disease, and suffered from various health issues. After both medical doctors and antibiotics failed to improve her health, she sought counsel from a nutritionist. The nutrition counseling was so effective that it inspired her to attend nutrition school. That was her light-bulb experience – due to a poor diet, her body wasn't healthy enough to fight illnesses. She returned to healthy eating and removed negative and limiting beliefs. Only then was she able to keep the Lime disease under control and improve her overall wellness.Stairs.jpg

Ritva's life experiences have confirmed that the link between a healthy diet and the elimination of distruptive negative emotions and limiting beliefs is the key to overall wellness. That is what inspired her to dedicate her career to building a better world as a Mind & Body Coach and Trainer.

Master Prac.jpgHer unique combination of techniques allows her to heal holistically by using the power within to guide you on the path to achieving all of your goals.

Coaching can be conveniently done in the comfort of your home utilizing the technology of Skype. As well as in person at Eye on Wellness Center in West Chester and Chadds Ford, PA.

Through a thorough and free initial consultation, she prescribes a custom combination of these healing techniques to master your health and life challenges and guide you on your journey to improved health, happiness, and success!