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Total Mind & Body Breakthrough

Total Mind and Body Breakthrough Session

Freedom from negative emotions and limiting beliefs!

This is for individuals who are ready to face the demons that are getting in the way of: achieving their ideal weight and self image, having happy and healthy relationships, and successful careers. 

"No matter how much you want to change any aspect of your life, although great first steps, decision and positive thinking may not be enough if you have deeply rooted negative emotions or beliefs" 

This program requires a FREE initial session to gather information and discuss your goals. 

The Breakthrough Session

Based on your goals and timeframe, your session will be comprised of utilizing one or all of the Life Coaching techniques: Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® (TLT) and Hypnotherapy.

Following the Breakthrough Session you will also receive a 30 min phone/skype coaching session every 2 weeks for 3 months included with the program. 

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching Session

One-on-One Life Coaching

Begin the journey to a happier, successful you!

Life Coaching is an effective integration of specific techniques that gets to the root of your negative emotions and limiting beliefs that cause pain, disease, anger, fear, guilt, sadness, anxiety and panic. The negative is replaced with positive thought patterns that support you in feeling like your best self so you can achieve positive change in your life such as: losing weight, kicking addictions, managing stress and reaching goals.

"As your Life Coach, I will broaden your mind to a new way of thinking. This way you are open to new possibilities to reach your full potential. You will learn how to replace limiting beliefs with more productive ones to be successful in all areas of your life."

        Life Coaching versus Traditional Therapy

Life Coaching, utilizing techniques of Neuro-Linguistic- Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® (TLT) and Hypnotherapy, is different from Traditional Therapy. 

-Traditional Therapy focuses on identifying the root cause and how to cope with it and often includes prescribed 


- Traditional Therapy may go on for years having you dependent on the therapist to guide you how to cope.


- Life Coaching focuses on finding the root cause, replacing it with more productive thought patterns, changing the thought patterns from negative to positive, and setting goals for the future.  

- With Life Coaching there is no need for prolonged sessions with the Coach. 

- Life Coaching is for individuals that are ready to rid themselves of the patterns that does not create positive results.


"I think the best part of Life Coaching process is that I don't have to talk about my past problems anymore, they have no effect in my life."

If you have an open mind and want to use proven techniques to improve your mindset and learn about your brain power, then try NLP and Time Line Therapy: I just went to a workshop and had a great experience. I learned about goal settings and how to make them work. I also had a breakthrough with an unresolved issue I had through a timeline exercise. Anyone can benefit from NLP!

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