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About Rawsome Fudge!

"I'm very excited to introduce you to my incredible fudge. At first you might wonder how chocolate fudge belongs on this website? I am proud to say, this fudge is actually good for you. It's raw, vegan and low carb. And it's delicious! I invite you to try it for yourself. This just may be the only sweet treat that you will ever need. When I get my chocolate craving, all I need is one or two pieces of Rawsome Fudge and the craving is satisfied and gone"

  • Rawsome Fudge is handmade using a low glycemic sweetener, Raw Coconut Nectar, making it a perfect guilt-free low carb treat. Without refined sugar this fudge will leave you satisfied with only a small serving.
  • Rawsome Fudge is 100% vegan. We use no dairy or animal products of any kind.
  • Available at Online Store and select Health Food Stores.


Original is a one a kind rich and smooth raw cacao treat. 

Goji Berry Boost

Goji Berry Boost flavor adds a little sweetness and tangy taste to the original flavor as well as many more antioxidants. You will taste the flavor throughout and may even find whole pieces of this wonderful super-berry in your bite of heavenly goodness.

Mint Crunch

The Mint Crunch will knock your socks off. If you love mint chocolate, this is the fudge for you. It has a great crunch too. Throw it in the freezer and it becomes the perfect “mint chocolate chip ice cream” that satisfies with only a small bite.

Coconut Hemp Power

Coconut Hemp Power has real coconut flakes and hemp protein powder for an added afternoon energy boost. Just a small piece of this earthy power bite is needed to satisfy and keep you going rest of the day guilt-free.

Lemon Bliss

Lemon Bliss flavor has a smooth mouthwatering texture with a cleansing lemon taste. You can’t help but relax and really savor each piece as soon as you put it in your mouth. The lemon flavor pops out right away with just the right amount.

Spicy Ginger

Spicy Ginger flavor starts out with the delicious raw chocolate taste that we love so much and surprises you when the raw ginger flavor tingles your taste buds leaving you feeling warm and knowing that your digestive tract is happy as well.

Coconut Heaven

NEW Coconut Heaven flavor has tons of real coconut flakes for all you coconut lovers out there. Close your eyes while enjoying the Coconut Heaven and feel like you are on a tropical island.

Fresh Orange

Refreshing Fresh Orange is one of the NEW flavors. Bursting full of orange zest it will make you feel like sunshine inside and out.
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