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Individualized Balance Plan!

Balance Plan

A roadmap to balanced living!

Short on time but want results?

"Although I'm passionate about one-on-one coaching, I realize not everyone has the time to be fully dedicated to it"

Ritva's one of kind Balance Plan is a brand new service offering. For more self guided individuals, Ritva has designed an easy to follow program that gets you started right away.
"This plan will give you everything you need to get started and I will be there coaching you along the way"
Freedom from negative emotions and limiting beliefs!

Total Mind and Body

Freedom from negative emotions and limiting beliefs!

Break away from your 
emotional baggage!

"You are fully aware of your thoughts in your mind, right?
Do you know that you have an unconscious mind that you are NOT fully aware of?" 

The unconscious mind stores your emotions and beliefs and most of your behavior is influenced by them. 
Changing deep-seated emotions or beliefs that effect your behavior negatively can have a huge positive impact on your health, wellness and success. 

With quick and effective tools such as Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® (TLT) and Hypnotherapy, you are able to break away from your emotional demons.
IonCleanse full body detox foot bath


Clean Body = Clean Mind

Are toxins dragging you down?

"Did you know that accumulated toxins may be one of the reasons for wrinkles, stiff joints and low energy?" 

Have you been thinking about doing a detox program? Want to do it easily and effortlessly? How about a relaxing warm foot bath? Let the millions of ions in the water detoxify you.
Health Coaching Session

Health Coaching

- In person or phone/skype sessions

- Unlimited email support

- Individualized recommendations

- Recipes

- Handouts

Hourly and discounted packages.

Life Coaching Session

Life Coaching

- In person or phone/skype sessions

- Unlimited email support

- Eliminate bad habits utilizing Neuro- Linguistic-Programming (NLP)

- Eliminate emotional conflicts utilizing Time Line Therapy® (TLT)

- Reinforce utilizing Hypnotherapy

Hourly and discounted packages.

Supplements delivered to you!


Unique offering of supplements. All natural and organic. Only available by direct order. Ritva will guide you to select the best options.