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Client Testimonials

I have suffered with knee issues for twenty four years and was diagnosed with chronic daily headaches seventeen years ago, since starting to detox using the IonCleanse my knee pain has almost disappeared and my headache pain has dropped significantly. I have tried just about everything over the past seventeen years to stop or relieve my head pain with little success. Other detox programs did not work as easily or effectively as the IonCleanse. Ritva takes the time to explain what toxins the body is releasing. This cleanse WILL remain a part of my life going forward.

Kathy KB - Honey Brook, PA

Ritva is very professional and has helped me a lot. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and IBS. Ritva has helped me to choose foods which are healthy and have eased my problem. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get her diet under control. I feel much better healthwise after consulting with Ritva.

Gina - Landenberg, PA

If you have an open mind and want to use proven techniques to improve your mindset and learn about your brain power, then try NLP and Time Line Therapy: I just went to a workshop and had a great experience. I learned about goal settings and how to make them work. I also had a breakthrough with an unresolved issue I had through a timeline exercise. Anyone can benefit from NLP!

Laurence - Kennett Square, PA

I came to Eye on Wellness because I have had a condition called Hashimoto’s Disease for 5 years. It is an autoimmune disease that causes my body to attach my own thyroid gland causing it to decrease its function. Since I was diagnosed, I have been convinced that this condition could be reversed or at least it’s effects minimized. With my research about thyroid and Hashimoto’s disease I found an overwhelming amount of information regarding connection of nutrition to my condition and with all autoimmune diseases. However, I was very reluctant and a little overwhelmed to know where to start.

At the same time, I would complain often of not feeling well after eating. And what I mean by not well, is a feeling of being overly full, often having severe stomach aches or cramping, bloating, and feeling heavy. So many times I said that I just ate too much, but I began to notice that I felt this way even after having what I considered a light healthy meal. So, when my traditional doctor was not able to recommend nutritional changes, my investigation began. Eye on Wellness, with Ritva’s guidance took me through the program changing out one food or group at a time, allowing me to notice how I feel. We created a nutrition plan that works for me, just for me. I have run the experiment over and over again, following the guidelines and then not, and it continues to show me that there are foods that I can digest better than others. My symptoms disappear when I eat right for me. Equally important is that I monitor my autoimmune condition by blood tests and it has improved significantly.

Thank you Ritva! This ranks as the best thing I have done to make me healthier and feel great!

Danielle - Kennett Square, PA